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SciVis Contest 2021


We had seven submissions this year. All submissions were accepted to present at the 2021 SciVis Contest session at IEEE Vis on October 28th. After the session some of the submission details and ideas will be revealed on this website.

Submission guidelines

The submission deadline was July 31st, 2021, 11:59pm Pacific Time (PDT). Each submission had to include:

  • A 2-page PDF paper describing your visualization and analysis techniques. Focus on the techniques you used and results you obtained. Do not waste space on background information or data description. Please follow the formatting guidelines for the manuscript where you can download LaTeX and Word templates.
  • Images that explain how your visualizations help answer the questions. The images should be appended to the 2-page document (thus, your whole PDF document should have more than 2 pages). The PDF document should be no bigger than 50 MB in size.
  • An MPEG-4, H.264 or Quicktime video (duration at most 10 minutes) showing the system, methods, or processes in action. This is most helpful for demonstrating the effectiveness of your approach.

Accepted submission PDFs will be published in the 2021 IEEE Vis “USB download” proceedings. After the conference, the top team will be invited to submit a full journal article (with an expedited review process) to IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (CG&A) Journal.


This year, due to the pandemic and the recent decision to hold the IEEE Vis Conference virtually, we will not be able to give out prizes, as is normally done in-person at the conference.


The contest timeline is:

Date Event
October 28th, 2020 Official announcement of the 2021 IEEE SciVis Contest at IEEE Vis 2020
July 31st, 2021 Deadline for Contest entry submissions
August 12th, 2021 Author notifications: accepted submissions are invited to submit a 7-min video presentation for the SciVis Contest session at IEEE Vis 2021 conference, along with a poster for the poster session, and an optional 30-second video preview
August 31st, 2021 Winning team notification
September 1st, 2021 Deadline for optional 30-sec video preview submission
September 8th, 2021 Deadline for poster submission and for any updates to the 2-page summary
September 21st, 2021 Internal deadline for 7-min video presentation (before Sep-26 conference deadline)
October 28th, 2021 Official announcement of the results at IEEE Vis 2021 conference


  • Alex Razoumov, Training and Visualization Specialist, WestGrid / Compute Canada
  • Thomas Theußl, Visualization Scientist, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
  • Theresa-Marie Rhyne, editor of the Visualization Viewpoints Department for IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications Magazine
  • Hosein Shahnas, Research Scientist, Earth Sciences, University of Toronto
  • Russell Pysklywec, Professor and Chair of Earth Sciences, University of Toronto
  • Yohai Meiron, HPC Analyst, University of Toronto, SciNet / Compute Canada
  • Weiguang Guan, HPC Analyst, McMaster University, SHARCNET / Compute Canada